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"Black Watch Kilt" produced by Andy Thompson (Smirk Records, 2014)

"Black Watch Kilt" is Douglass's first studio recording with a band since her debut. These six songs showcase an artist at the peak of her power. Included is the haunting title track, the lyrical "Funny Voices," and a startling new take on her classic "My Boyfriend is a Genius."

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"Poor People on TV" produced by Steve Addabbo (Smirk Records, 2007)

"Poor People on TV" follows in Douglass's style of tuneful melodies illustrating her take on the world. At times Douglass seems like a musical Op Ed Columnist, with influences from Ray Davies, Randy Newman, and Kate Bush. This album includes a stunning version of Bobbie Gentry's classic, "Ode to Billie Joe" produced by Al Houghton.

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  "In Scarsdale" produced by Steve Addabbo (Smirk Records, 2003)

"Smart pop music for smart people, that is also really fun to listen to. In Scarsdale is a sterling collection of memorable melodies with lyrics that depict thoughtful, touching, amusing and above all, uncannily true pictures of contemporary American life."--Billboard Magazine

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 "Fetish for the Underdog" produced by Jamie Candiloro and Ken Richards (Stylus Records, 1998)

Julia's debut album, the catchy melodies and poignant, fun and clever lyrics introduce the world to a wonderful new singer songwriter, with a thoroughly original yet accessible, sensibility.

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